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Plants, trees and flowers often bring a perfect aesthetic to private homes, communities, housing developments, estates or small parks. Plant life is ideal to accompany day-to-day life or to considerably improve a house or block of apartments.
Placement, control, programming and revision of irrigation systems.

Pruning of plants, shrubs, trees and palms. Elimination of weeds.

Pest control through different pest detection systems that affect trees and plants.

Phytosanitary treatment. This is a method based on the application of a substance that prevents or destroys insects, mites, fungi or bacteria – among other types of pests – that affect plant life.

Fertilization to ensure a healthy and adequate growth of all plants.
Installation, repair and supervision of artificial turf.
Lawn mowing.

We offer the following services

  • Individuals
  • Communities
  • Indoor
  • Sports facilities