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Gardening is more and more committed to the environment and for this, it counts on the use of new technologies for drainage, sprinkler irrigation or new species of lawns, more adapted to water saving and the use of water of worse quality, even with high salt concentrations, etc. Therefore, all these factors are very important for our team when carrying out our projects.

Grass species and varieties for green areas. The GRAMINS or POACES FAMILY is the one that provides most of the species used in the cultivation of turf. Other species belong to the Leguminosae such as Trifolium repens or to the Convolvulaceae such as Dichondra repens, but they are in the minority. Depending on the climatic zone of adaptation, cespitose species are divided into: MILD CLIMATE CESSPTITES OR C3: Optimum development temperature 14 to 22ºC. Main: Agrostis tenuis, Agrostis castellana, Agrostis stolonifera, Festuca arundinacea, Festuca rubra (rubra, commutata and tricophylla), Festuca ovina, Lolium perenne, Poa pratensis, Poa trivialis, Poa annua. WARM CLIMATE OR C4: Optimum development temperature 24 to 32ºC. Main: Axonopus sp, Eremochola ophiuroides, Cynodon dactylon, Paspalum notatum, Paspalum vaginatum, Pennisetum clandestinum, Stenotaphrum secundatum, Zoysia (japonica, matrella, tenuifolia).

We also take care of the installation of high-quality artificial turf, for areas with low humidity.

We offer the following services

  • Lawn Planning
  • Lawn seeding
  • Installation of turf rolls
  • Maintenance
  • Artificial turf